Here Come the Holidays – How Will You Look in Facebook Photos?

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News alert… Thanksgiving is almost here. That’s right, it’s holiday season again. And while that means fun, family and food it also means PHOTOGRAPHS! There’s no way around the fact that you are going to wind up in some photos this holiday season. Gathered with friends and family on the ski slopes or by the pool in a bikini somewhere warm, rest assured that photos of your body are going to be viewed on Facebook. We guarantee it.

You don’t always think about how many pictures of you are floating around the internet — some you posed for (selfies!) and others are candids in which you don’t look your best (you didn’t know someone was taking your picture?). Well, it’s not too late to have that great body so you look hot in those holiday-time photos.

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It’s All About the Ears

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There are certain negative aspects about one’s physical looks that make people self-conscious. Of course, when the negative physical appearance has to do with one’s face, it can make for a very difficult situation.

If someone has protuberant ears, it can lead to many years of challenges – teasing from peers during childhood, not wanting to wear baseball caps, and of course not wanting to pose for photographs. Both children and adults with prominent ears often feel unhappy and self-conscious. The teasing that children can experience can have devastating effects on their self-esteem and self-confidence.

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Life Is Short But Sweet For Certain

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Singer and songwriter Dave Matthews famously sings these words in his hit song* “Two Step”:

Oh well, celebrate we will
Ooh ‘cuz life is short but sweet for certain
Hey, we’re climbing two by two
To be sure these days continue
Things we cannot change
Change, why would I want to change it?

Dave Matthews is correct that life is short, but certainly sweet. He is also correct that there are things we cannot change. However, in order to make your life even sweeter there are things about your physical look and aging skin that can be changed. Dr. Michael Gray of the Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center and Skin Deep Spa has been helping beautiful people look better for decades. After these cosmetic procedures, life feels a little sweeter for Dr. Gray’s appreciative patients.

Just like Dave Matthews in “Two Step,” Dr. Michael Gray likes to remind his patients that life is short. As we get older our body ages and we’re not so happy about how we look to ourselves or to others. But these things we can change.

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Dr. Michael Gray on Cosmetic Surgery

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At the Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center and Skin Deep Spa in West Bloomfield, Michigan, Dr. Michael Gray has dedicated his professional life to helping his patients feel better about themselves. He does this through highly specialized cosmetic procedures that correct the physical effects of aging — such as wrinkles, excess skin, and fat collecting and more. These cosmetic procedures help his patients look better to those around them, and in turn feel better about themselves — both outwardly and inwardly. Dr. Gray’s reputation and the gallery of “before and after” images on the ANewYou.com website speak for themselves.

Dr. Gray’s dedication to the work that he does comes from a deeply held belief that life is short and you only live once! So why not be happy. Dr. Gray believes if he can help you achieve your goals he will. He offers both surgical and non-surgical methods of correction.

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You Can Look Like Her – Celebs and Cosmetic Surgery

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As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday season, there are a bunch of new movies being released in early November. These movies feature beautiful female actresses like Jennifer Lawrence, Emily Watson, Natalie Portman and Rachel McAdams.

Whenever movies are in the theater starring hot Hollywood celebs like these women, there are also many women coming to visit cosmetic surgeon Dr. Michael Gray at the Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center and Skin Deep Spa in West Bloomfield, Michigan. These women often come in holding the latest issue of People Magazine, US Magazine or Entertainment Weekly and tell Dr. Gray that they want to have breasts like this actress or a flat belly like that actress.





Yes, You Can Do This!

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Most people want to look better and that is a very normal feeling to have about your outward appearance. After all, studies have shown that when we humans are satisfied with our physical appearance, our mental state improves. Unfortunately, too many people procrastinate the wonders of cosmetic surgery.

There are several reasons why cosmetic surgery is put off until later, but the longer it remains unchecked on your “To-Do List” the longer you’ll be delaying feeling beautiful. Life is short and as Dr. Michael Gray of the Michigan Cosmetic Surgery Center and Skin Deep Spa is fond of saying, “Live now… feel better.”



Dating Again? Remember: Your Eyes Show Your Age

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Whether you realize it or not, our eyes tell a lot about us. The way our eyes are seen to others demonstrates expression and emotion. If you have bags around your eyes or a lot of wrinkles, people will begin to think you might be older than you actually are. Also, the natural effects of gravity cause the skin around your eyes to sag and wrinkle, which can make you look sad, angry or tired.

Many celebrities and professional models choose to have cosmetic surgery performed on their eyes first, before any other body parts. It is essential to their careers that they look younger than they are.

It’s important that you look and feel your best. There are many times when we all want to look younger than we are. If you’re beginning to date again in your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s or 60’s, you want to look as young as possible, don’t you?

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The Post-Pregnancy Mommy Makeover by Dr. Michael Gray

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It’s been an impressive list of celebrities who have had babies so far this year. The list of new parents reads like a Who’s Who in Hollywood. Alec Baldwin’s wife Hilaria Baldwin delivered a new baby, as did Kate Middleton, Penelope Cruz, Jessica Simpson, Kim Kardashian and Kristen Bell. And if you take a look at these celebs post-baby photos in the gossip magazines you’d think they magically returned to their pre-pregnancy look immediately after leaving the hospital.

But not so quick! Remember that many hours of Photoshop magic are spent on making these women look perfect on the glossy pages of the magazine. Photoshop only works for printed images and not for real life when new moms head to the beach or swimming pool or just to the health club. After childbirth, many new mommies struggle with the changes their body underwent during the nine months of pregnancy. Proper nutrition and exercise will only get you so far because it’s a challenge to get your tummies, breasts and thighs to return to their pre-pregnancy shape. This challenge often causes many new mommies to lose self-esteem and become depressed.


New Mom Kim Kardashian showcases her post-pregnancy body